While Ron Hamilton Photo is a name that is very well known throughout Cincinnati's vast design scene as a "go to photographer" with a beautiful local studio, they were looking for an updated, classic brandmark to reflect their passion for the tradition of the photography trade that would suit them for years to come. While staying on top of the latest trends in the photography world, they rely on their classic photographic training to deliver amazing an beautiful pieces of art through their work.

TOMMYINK provided a mark that clearly states what they do, with a retro-style camera and stars in the second line to highlight "photo," that reflects the personality of their team, as Ron is a laid back professional, who enjoys what he does, and appreciates where today's technology came from. We also redesigned their website using the photos themselves as the design. The images are oversized on each page, and the site serves as a virtual "look book," guiding its visitors through the senses (See, Taste, Smell) and taking them on a visual journey. Enjoy the ride at