Bunbury Music Festival
Bee Free

The Bunbury Music festival was born in Cincinnati, Ohio the summer of 2012. Founder Bill Donabedian had a vision to bring a music festival to Cincinnati, inviting bands from all over the world to provide 3 days of carefree festival living to our city, incorporating the latest technologies and green living. To Bunbury, or to go bunburying is to have a made up excuse to get out of doing something boring.

TOMMYINK created the iconic bumblebee that is now synonymous with the event, as well as the aptly suited tagline: Bee Free. The assets for this brand are limitless. From using the bee as the centerpiece for the event posters, or as a strong stand alone graphic, to highlighting staff members with bee stripes on the front, and wings on the back of their shirts. The honeycomb pattern lends itself to the technical aspects of the event, along with the crisp, white backgrounds that are deployed throughout the entire campaign.