Creative Workhorse. Brand Beautifier. Gig Poster Artist.

Tommy Sheehan, Creator of TOMMYINK, is a graphic artist, music lover, and family man currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and daughter. Passionate about his craft, he is beautifying his community one brand at a time. Tommy's approach to his work combines his British sensibility with a fearless American spirit, resulting in  some unique and powerful expressions.

If you live near Cincinnati and you don't know Tommy, chances are you have seen his work. He is the creator of the iconic Bunbury Music Festival bee, along with many other music ventures that are gaining momentum in and around the city of Cincinnati. With the tendency to partner with brands he is interested in, Tommy has also worked with the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar in Covington, Ky, Rhinegeist brewery in OTR, Jefferson Social and Ron Hamilton Photo.

Not limited to his local community, TOMMYINK has also provided brand marks and assets internationally, working with clients in England, Ireland, and Italy, essentially beautifying the world, one brand at a time.

Tommy is also passionate about music. He has been creating screen print gig posters since 2006, for bands such as The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys, and Lord Huron, to name a few.

Since moving to Cincinnati from London, Tommy has been crafting his skills with some of the leading branding firms and storytellers - working for such firms as Marsh Brand Partners, Landor, and most recently LPK.

If you have a design project or a brand  in need of beautification services, please contact TOMMYINK at tstommyink@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting the site. Cheers!

Thanks to Steve Ziegelmeyer for the generous use of his photography.